At Intelligent Decisions, our employees provide the energy and skills to ensure our success. Our employees are passionate, diverse and highly qualified and bring unique perspectives, new ideas and the creativity required to meet our business challenges. Our benefit plans and support programs are designed to keep our most important assets - our employees - healthy, happy, energized and moving forward. Our philosophy is simple – to empower our employees with the benefits, resources and the financial incentives they need to be successful.

Insurance Coverage and More

  • Intelligent Decisions offers comprehensive, competitive and industry leading health, dental and vision coverage at significantly reduced premiums.  
  • To maximize the value of every dollar spent on medical supplies and dependent care services, the ID Benefits Program also features Flexible Spending accounts. These allow employees to set aside up to $1500 for approved medical expenses and up to $5000 for authorized Dependant Care. The best part of Flexible Spending – all deductions are pre-tax! Imagine saving taxes on up to $6500 of your income!

Financial Security with 401(k)  

  • Our 401(k) plan gives employees the opportunity to plan for long-term goals and ensure financial stability.  
  • All employees are eligible for participation after 3 months of employment.  
  • We also offer loan provisions and a generous matching plan that vest each and EVERY year!

Continuous Learning

  • Continuous learning is not only important to employees at ID but is integral to our corporate culture. We truly believe that “You are never too old to learn something new”, which is why we commit corporate time and money to prove it.  
  • Whether an employee would like to attend a career development course, professional seminar or industry conference, we offer assistance in finding the right venue as well as reimbursement.  
  • In addition, we host on-site vendor training throughout the year ensuring that ID employees are always “On top of their game.”

Paid Time Off

  • To reach your highest potential of creativity and productivity at work, you also need time to play!  
  • We offer our employees 10 paid holidays.  
  • In addition, employees earn 4 weeks paid time off throughout the calendar year. Paid time off includes vacation, sick days, mental health days…whatever you need to balance out your life! Employees then receive an additional day of paid time off for each year served at ID up to a maximum of 25 days per year.

Disability Insurance

  • In case of illness or injury, we want to ensure our employees’ salaries are protected.  
  • ID offers short-term disability as well as long-term disability insurance at no cost. These programs provide financial stability and give our employees a little more piece of mind during difficult and unpredictable times.  

Not So Basic Benefits

At Intelligent Decisions, we value our employees and realize that our success is the result of their commitment to their job. We recognize that each employee gives their all every day and reward that level of dedication through our unique Employee Recognition Programs.

Years of Service Recognition

This employee recognition program recognizes those employees who have been with the company for 5 years or more. Cash awards are distributed at 5 Year, 10 Year, 15 Year and 20 Year anniversaries.


Each calendar year, ID employees will receive a credit to spend in the IDStore (powered by Lands End). Employees may order anything from polo shirts to parkas to hats - every item has the ID logo on...just another way to let everyone know what a company ID is!


Each employee receives a nameplate when they start at ID, or as we call it, a new IDentity! These nameplates aren't simply for letting people know who you are, but they will also let everyone know what you have accomplished. You will receive a badge for your nameplate if you are an Employee of the Quarter, receive a Years of Service award or participate in a Community Service event.