Practice Areas

The Federal Government is constantly evolving and changing, requiring solutions that can be tailored to meet strategic initiatives and goals, and a partner that has the knowledge and experience to get there. Intelligent Decisions’ unmatched expertise is a product of over 20 years’ experience in the Federal Government. Since 1988, Intelligent Decisions has made it our mission to ensure that our clients are on the forefront of the ever-evolving world of information technology. Our practice areas were designed to be cost-effective, scalable and improve operational efficiency.

Providing industry leading solutions related to Computer Network Defense, Information Assurance, Data Encryption and Authentication. Learn More.

Utilizing the latest virtualization, storage, consolidation and hosting techniques with strong SLAs and security.  Learn more.

Rapidly deploying mobility solutions to assist the workforce while maintaining security controls and protecting sensitive data. Learn more.

Network Convergence
Developing scalable, optimized and secure network infrastructures to support demanding next generation architectures; wireless, voice and video.  Learn more.

Engaging agile methods to increase employee effectiveness and automation by focusing on workflows and use cases with tight iteration cycles.  Learn more.

Simulation & Training
Providing innovative approaches to increasing skills, knowledge and effectiveness in order to enable people to achieve more with less. Learn more.